À propos de nous

Let your heart be the compass.

The Earth is what we all have in common. Inspired by the diversity and beauty of our earth, we came up with the idea of creating a new brand for people, who are fond of travelling or working in the aviation field and carry the feeling of wanderlust in their hearts. For our designs it is especially important for us, that people immediately think about experienced adventures or looking forward to those, which are going to happen in the future. Our goal is to always give you the feeling of wanderlust – in everyday life or while travelling.

Das Reisen

Travelling washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

It was just a job in aviation at the beginning but quickly turned into the finding that flying way up high over the clouds and travelling around the world, visiting various different countries is way more than what the majority of people thinks. Destinations, which seemed to be boring turned out to be perfect places for wonderful adventures and we could gain experience, which we would not have dared surely to dream about. Also, all of the other destinations on our bucket list exceeded our expectations. All those different cultures we were able to get to know and culinary and personal impressions and moments we gained, are what we want to share with you now.

For us, travelling turned into a lifestyle and this is what we want to reflect in our jewellery.

Unsere Accessoires

Accessories inspired by wanderlust

We want:

🌍 To travel around the world with our products and inspire people on every continent with our jewellery.
🌎 To make our customers experience and feel, what we have already experienced and still do.
🌏 To share our lifestyle with you and spread motivation for starting new journeys.
🌍 To collect the magic from all over the world and pass it on to all of you.

Wearing our simple, elegant and timeless designs, you are always styled perfectly and you will surely find the fitting accessory for all of your outfits. Whether necklaces, bracelets, earrings or other small eye catchers – we have the perfect accessory for everyone.


We only have one earth

Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time.

Sustainability is another topic, which is really important to us. Everywhere all over the world environmental pollution is a big problem, although we should take care about our planet – it is the reason for being able to go for these magical journeys. We want the stunning locations to stay as beautiful as they are today, so we will be able to visit them again in the future and enjoy them like we can do now. So, we are proud to tell you, that it is really important to us to use recycled packaging and that every print is based on environmental neutral techniques. Furthermore, because of the high quality materials we use, our products are no disposable commodity and can be worn for years or even passed on to next generations.

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